The family project is a spin-off from my association with Laura Harjo's project Spiral to the Stars: Mvskoke tools of Futurity at the University of Oklahoma. Laura was considering ways to track and map qualities and relationships between different members of her tribe at different locations, over time.

For a start, I settled for just mapping the travels of my immediate family members from my grandparents to my sons. The locations are mapped as cones corresponding to the age and population of the settlement, mapped accurately over the surface of the earth. As time moves backward, the trails sink back into and under that surface.

Although Laura ultimately didn't use my first, hand-modeled pass at the problem, I got interested in it again and decided to rebuild it with Grasshopper. Right now it pulls all its information in from a pair of .csv files, but once I understand SQL and API's better, I hope to have the front-facing portion of the project on the web, so people can generate their own relational map.